About the Journal


Imaginations is a multilingual, open-access journal of international visual cultural studies. It is published twice yearly and peer-reviewed. As a knowledge democracy project, Imaginations is free to submit to and free to read. Founded at the University of Alberta in 2010, the journal is funded by the federal granting agency of the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC).

Imaginations showcases artistic work and scholarly research. It focuses on innovative artistic practices and interdisciplinary, intercultural theoretical understandings of images, screens and visual culture. The journal provides an online installation venue for original artwork and publishes academic articles in original languages and translated into French or English.

Elicitations is the reviews section of Imaginations and it complements the publication of the journalUsing a rolling publication model, it collects reflections on the latest art exhibits, installations, scholarly books, and social and political movements of interest to the visual cultural studies community.

Visual culture practices and scholarship come together in Imaginations. Here, high-caliber, international and intercultural research informed by national histories and linguistic traditions creates a new vocabulary to address the notion of the image and its many avatars. Researchers and visual artists, each reflecting on their own practices, revealing new insights into the interlacing of academia and visual culture.