Walking, Staying In, and Making Sense: Quilting with Pandemic Matter


  • Corinna Peterken Brigham Young University




This making and making sense are in relation with pandemic matter and a quilt. Matter on hand: fabric, embroidery thread, and appliqué map and speak, sowing sense. The nine blocks sewn and joined together hold their sense making as individual and collective. The conversation from and through making a quilt with pandemic matter emerges from, and plays with, text and image. I align matter and stitching through to hold and turn process into product as I continue making and making sense for knowing about who we are and how to live with each other and the world.

Author Biography

Corinna Peterken, Brigham Young University

Corinna Peterken is an Assistant Professor in Teacher Education (Early Childhood) at Brigham Young University in the McKay School of Education, Provo, Utah, USA. She is an artist/academic who uses qualitative and arts-based methodologies from postmodern, feminist, and critical perspectives. Her research includes learning with materials through photography, collage, quilting, weaving, found objects, and fiber, as well as walking and being in places to explore connections that are pedagogical. In her teaching Corinna is passionate about arts-based practice as a means to support all children’s learning and well-being. Her work in early childhood and teacher education advocates for learning in relation with materials, places, bodies, and the arts.


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