Reimagining the Margin: Space of Difference through a Visual Narrative


  • Abu Haque York University



Representations of space do not fittingly reflect the lived experiences of the margin. Representational spaces, on the other hand, are linked to underground social life and art (Lefebvre 39), which are expressed through complex signs and symbols, sometimes coded and sometimes not. Revisiting these spaces provides an understanding of the spatial practices of the marginalized bodies within the existing social relations. This paper interrogates the discursive practices of those mediated bodies through a visual narrative.

The paper also challenges the center-periphery rhetoric, revealing an ambiguous and ambivalent marginality that is not fixed. The images are used as a methodological tool to elaborate the actions of the bodies in space. A series of exclusions intertwined within the spatial practices not only confirms the ambiguity of the margin but also reveals that it is a process of becoming.

Author Biography

Abu Haque, York University

Abu Haque is a Ph.D. candidate at York and Ryerson Joint Graduate Program in
Communication and Culture. His research interest lies in the exploration of the lived experiences of the margin within the everyday discursive practices of different social relations. Abu wrestles with the nuances of the various ways power acts on the marginalized and the displaced, which confirm the existence of a specific socio-political and cultural hegemony.

Abu is a photographer and a documentary filmmaker. He has been the featured artist in two solo exhibitions. Abu is interested in combining research and creativity: either documenting the research findings through a creative process or using the creative process as a means of inquiry. He is the winner of ‘The Ken Mackenzie Memorial Award’ and ‘Bell Media Videography Digital Media Award.’


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