Revenge of the Real

Come Together: Silencing Left and Right freedom claims with planetary governance


  • Jaqueline Mcleod Rogers University of Winnipeg


Author Biography

Jaqueline Mcleod Rogers, University of Winnipeg

Dr. Jaqueline McLeod Rogers is a feminist scholar with a long-term commitment to developing and promoting writing- and language-based education courses responsive to issues of culture and place. Her central research interest in urban rhetorics aims at developing the language of networked and multiple relationships—revealing the writing self in social and material contexts, amidst a spinning web of relational ties. Much of her research is collaborative, such as studies that take up questions about how digital media affects our scholarly and cultural practices; she is currently co-editing a collection of essays that examine technologies in domestic space, Mothering /Internet/Kids. She has published several volumes exploring McLuhan and contemporary communication theory and practice; she published McLuhan’s Techno-Sensorium City: Coming to Ours Senses in a Programmed Environment (November 2020), a book that considers McLuhan as an activist and speculative urbanist.


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Rogers, J. M. (2023). Revenge of the Real: Come Together: Silencing Left and Right freedom claims with planetary governance. Imaginations: Journal of Cross-Cultural Image Studies, 14(1), 119–125.