Embodied Relational Process in P. Megan Andrews’ the disorientation project


  • Angela Joosse




This article offers embodied, phenomenological descriptions of the disorientation project, a solo work by dance artist P. Megan Andrews. From the position of an ongoing witness of Megan’s practice, the author reflects on how experiences of perceptual disorientation can be potent and productive, opening space for relations of care.

Author Biography

Angela Joosse

Angela Joosse, MA, MI, PhD makes site-specific installations, experimental cinema, and virtual reality artworks which have been exhibited at venues including the TIFF Bell Lightbox, Korean Cinematheque, Electronic Literature Organization’s Media Arts Festival, and the Edinburgh International Film Festival. Committed to collaboration and community-building, she has been a member of numerous art collectives over the years, most currently the Decameron 2.0 Collective. Her scholarship contributes to the fields of phenomenology, research-creation, and digital humanities. At present she is working on a project with the Canadian Research Knowledge Network to build national, digital, social sciences and humanities research infrastructure.


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