Bimbos and Bombs: The Barbenheimer Phenomena


  • Cate Alexander
  • Camille Intson


Author Biographies

Cate Alexander

Cate Cleo Alexander (she/her) is a PhD Candidate in the Faculty of Information at the University of Toronto. Prior to U of T, Cate obtained a BA Combined Honours in History and Classics and a MA in Digital Humanities at the University of Alberta. Cate's doctoral research examines digital public history through feminist new-materialist and political economic theory in order to establish a better understanding of how platforms influence the production, distribution, and consumption of public history. When she is not studying cultural heritage, digital humanities, or media theory, Cate can be found reading trashy murder mysteries, watching long video essays on YouTube, or dancing (Lindy Hop, blues, fusion, balfolk, contra, west coast, etc.). 

Camille Intson

Camille Intson (she/her) is a Tkaronto-based multidisciplinary artist and researcher whose practice spans writing, performance, music, and new media.
She is a current PhD Candidate within the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Information, where her doctoral work explores trans-feminist and queer embodiments of emerging technologies. When not teaching, dissertation writing, and-or being a freelance artist, Camille can be found womansplaining tactical approaches to competition reality shows. More at or @thecamiliad.


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